FSW 2015 Archive

The Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory
October 27-29, 2015

The 2015 Workshop on Spacecraft Flight Software (FSW-15) was held on October 27-29, 2015 at the Building 200 E-100 Auditorium, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, 11101 Johns Hopkins Road, Laurel, MD 20723.

All released presentations are below. Videos will be posted when available.

Day 1

Welcome to APL · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Michael Ryschkewitsch, APL

Keynote-1 · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Robert Hawkins, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Solar Probe Plus Flight Software - An Overview · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Christopher Krupiarz, APL

HPCA On-Board Data Processing · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Paul Wood, Southwest Research Institute

Orion FSW - Enabling the Future of Human Exploration of the Solar System · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Robert Chambers, Lockheed Martin

Reductionist Architectures for Instrument FSW · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Alan Mazer, JPL

New Products from NASA's Software Architecture Review Board · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Lorraine Fesq, JPL

Advanced Mathematical Methods for FSW Telemetry · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Christopher Landauer, The Aerospace Corp

General Purpose Payload Oriented Software Architecuture for Nano-Satellites · [No Video Yet]
Carles Araguz, Technical University of Catalonia, Spain

Lightweight Open Source Command and Control Center for CubeSats · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Patrick Stakem, Capitol Technology University

Fault Tolerance Using Multi-Domain Architecture · [No Video Yet]
Roger Smith, Fault Tolerant Technology

SpaceFibre in MicroSemi RTG4 FPGA · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Steve Parkes, Star-Dundee

Day 2

Keynote-2 PDF · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Dan Saks, Saks & Associates

Designing Fault Management in Spaceflight Architectures · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Chris Walter, WW Technology Group

NASA MPCV Orion Avionics Architecture · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Joseph Moholt, Lockheed Martin

Autonomy and FDIR Logics in ISRO Spacecrafts · [No Video Yet]
Subramanya Udupa, ISRO

Practical Software Quality Planning · [No Video Yet]
Matt Rhodes (MathWorks), Dan Painter (NASA/IV&V)

MIL STD 1553B Architecture of ISRO Spacecraft Systems · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Sudhakar, ISRO

SpaceWire Overrides · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Alan Mick, JHU/APL

Patching Flight Software on Mars · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Eddie Benowitz, JPL

Challenges of FSW Schedulability on Multicore Processors · [No Video Yet]
Marek Prochazka, ESA

Flash Fliesystem for Embedded Space Applications · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
John Harwell, Southwest Research Institute

RTEMS Roadmap · [No Video Yet]
Joel Sherrill, OAR Corp

Re-Engineering Abstract Interpretation for Precise, Scalable, Whole-Program Verification · [No Video Yet]
Steve Baird, AdaCore

Advantages of Time-Triggered Ethernet · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Christian Fidi, TTTech

Verification and Test with Model-Based Design · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Jay Abraham, MathWorks

Day 3

Technique for Quantitative Estimation of Risk Reduction for Spaceflight Software IV&V · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Pavan Rajgopal, Geocontrol Systems

Requirements Driven Model Based Testing for Core FSW · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Dharmalingam Ganesan, University of Maryland

Test System Architecture for Onboard Computer Testing · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Sudhakar, ISRO

Onboard Data Processing · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Purnima Rajan, JHU

New Horizons Optical Navigation Switch · [No Video Yet]
Helen Hart, JPL

High Integrity Software For Spacecraft · [No Video Yet]
Carl Brandon, Vermont Technical College

Test Verification and Anomaly Detection Through Configurable Telemetry Scanning · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Alan Mazer, JPL

NASA Operational Simulator for Small Satellites (NOS3) · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Scott Zemerick, NASA IV&V

Auto Generated Code on Embedded Space Programs · [No Video Yet] · Large PPT
Mathew Conte, Northrop Grumman

Toward a suite of Middleware Services for Enhanced Spacecraft Configuration and Capability · [No Video Yet]
Nelsen Psenjen, CHREC at Univ of Florida

A cFE/CFS Community Workshop was held on October 26, 2015. The presentations and videos will be published soon.

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The 2015 Flight Software Workshop was sponsored by following organizations. Please contact the Organizing Committee for additional funding opportunities: