FSW 2018

Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas
December 3-6, 2018

Southwest Research Institute in conjunction with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, The Aerospace Corporation, and The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, is hosting the 11th Annual Workshop on Spacecraft Flight Software (FSW-2018) in San Antonio, Texas from December 3rd to 6th 2018.

Daily Remote Links and Agenda
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Day - 1 Meeting ID: 4864 PIN: 4577
Day - 2 Meeting ID: 4862 PIN: 5144
Day - 3 Meeting ID: 4864 PIN: 9615
Day - 4 Meeting ID: 4864 PIN: 8469
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Released presentations for each day will be updated at this presentations page.

Important Dates:

Workshop: December 3-6, 2018
Presentations Deadline: Friday, November 16th, 2018
Registrations closed: Friday, November 2nd, 2018
Abstracts Submission closed: Monday, October 15th, 2018
Acceptance Notification: Monday, October 15th, 2018
First Call for Presentations/Registration: Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

Sponsor Information:

The Aerospace Corporation, the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Southwest Research Institute, and The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory are the Founding Sponsors of the Flight Software Workshop. The 2018 Flight Software Workshop is sponsored by following organizations:

Keynote Speaker Information:

Eric Stallmer is the President of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation. CSF is the largest trade organization dedicated to promoting the development of commercial spaceflight, pursuing ever-higher levels of safety and sharing best practices and expertise throughout the industry. Under Stallmer's leadership, CSF has worked tirelessly to craft the modern Commercial Space Launch Act, as well as to promote innovation as a national policy to spur the economy and create high technology jobs. In addition, CSF works to develop industry standards and encourages further growth in the commercial spaceflight industry.
Stallmer has been recently appointed to the National Space Council User Advisory Group (UAG), where he has provided testimony at the 2nd National Space Council meeting. He serves as co-chair of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airspace Integration Aviation Rule-making Committee (ARC) and is a member of the Space Launch and Reentry ARC and the Spaceport ARC. Stallmer is also a member of the FAA's Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee (COMSTAC).
Before working at CSF, Stallmer served as the Vice President of Government Relations at Analytical Graphics Inc.(AGI). Stallmer joined AGI in 2002. While there, Stallmer oversaw all Washington Operations and represented AGI.s commercial off-the-shelf products and technology to defense, intelligence, Congress and civil government sectors within the aerospace industry.
For more than two decades, Stallmer has served as an Officer in the United States Army and Army Reserves. He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service while engaged in combat operations during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is currently assigned to the Pentagon in the office of the Deputy Chief of Staff Army for Logistics, G-4.

Steven Burt is a Spacecraft Software Architect at Planet. He joined in 2013, just before Planet's first launch, and has helped the Planet constellations grow from a single satellite to over 100 operational Dove cubesats. He has a Master of Science in Computer Engineering from U.C. Santa Cruz.

Attendee Information - Hotel, Dinner, and Happy Hour Events:

If you are a presenter, please review your presentation title, name, organization, time, and status of release forms. If you have any questions, please email to Organizing Committee

Hotel: Marriott Courtyard Westover Hills is offering discounted rate at $99/night for registered attendees. Please note that the special rate expires on November 16th, 2018. The hotel is 8 miles from workshop location and has a shuttle to/from Southwest Research Institute.

Tuesday Happy Hour: An informal happy hour is scheduled for Tuesday December 4th, 2018 evening after the workshop at Big'z Burgers! Please come and join to socialize with your fellow workshop attendees! This is open to all attendees.

Wednesday Dinner: Our traditional Wednesday dinner is scheduled at 7:00 pm at Paloma Blanca, only for those that have pre-registered for the dinner. This will be a great time to enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine!

Workshop Overview:
In the last several years there has been a significant increase in the role of commercial entities in space technology and exploration. This presents many opportunities in the space industry, as well as some significant challenges. As such, this year the theme of the Flight Software Workshop is Commercial Space. Presentations focused on the impact of commercial space on FSW are encouraged.

This workshop provides an opportunity to present current flight architectures, novel approaches to mission solutions, and techniques for flight software development, integration, test and verification in an informal and open setting that facilitates communication across organizations and agencies. We are also inviting poster presentations from students. In addition to the overall theme of Commercial Space, a list of potential topic areas is provided further down.

Please note that this year the NASA cFS Community Day presentations, registrations, further communications and other logistics will be merged with Flight Software Workshop. This will help streamline our processes and improve logistics management for workshop volunteers.

Attendee / Registration Information:

The workshop will be held in the Building 263 Main Presentation Room at Southwest Research Institute in beautiful San Antonio, Texas. In-person attendance will be limited to 120 attendees. Remote presenters and attendees need to register. To reduce wastage of lunch, snacks, and other preparations, beginning this year the FSW Woskhop is charging a nominal fee of $10 per day for in-person attendees on Monday-Wednesday, while Thursday (no lunch) is still free. Please see the Eventbrite registration for details of hotel information, and traditional Wednesday dinner for all attendees. Presentations are not necessary to attend the workshop.

This year, Attendees and Presenters can modify their registration preferences post-submission through Eventbrite, until 30 days before the workshop i.e. Friday, November 2nd 2018. Eventbrite automatically creates an account for each registration. A link to this account is included in the Eventbrite registration confirmation email under "Your account". To make changes or receive refunds, it is recommended that users login to their Eventbrite account and make desired changes. For further information about this please see updating registration information.


Abstracts submission is now closed and we have notified authors of all accepted presentations. This is a presentation-only workshop (no papers). All abstracts and presentations must be ready for public release. Presentations are video-taped and published on this website at a later date. Therefore, presentations MUST NOT contain US Export Controlled or ITAR information, and notice of this must be indicated on all presentations. All primary authors must review required required release forms with the legal experts in their organization, sign, and upload prior to presentation deadline. Primary authors have received a Google Drive URL (to upload Abstracts and Presentations).

Presentation Topics:

Flight software engineering

  • Core flight software frameworks and open software (including cFS/cFE)
  • Modularization and reusability
  • Model-based development and code generation
  • Autonomy and fault management
  • Lessons learned

Flight software test, simulation and rapid prototyping

  • SWIL frameworks
  • Simulators (including Docker use)
  • HWIL frameworks
  • Runtime FSW diagnostics and debugging

On-board data processing

  • Spacecraft data processing (GNC, targeting, etc.)
  • Instrument data processing (images, spectrometers, etc.)
  • AI and machine learning techniques for space
  • Ground data processing (automatic data analysis, sensor processing, trending)

Flight system architectures

  • Processors, FPGAs, Multi-Core
  • Operating systems
  • Hybrid architectures
  • Runtime performance optimizations

SmallSats and CubeSats

  • Flight software architectures for smallsats/cubesats
  • Fault tolerance and autonomy/fault recovery techniques
  • Reliability / capability tradeoffs
  • On-board science data processing / instrument capabilities

SPECIAL TOPIC: Commercialization of Space

  • COTS flight software methods / architectures for commercial space
  • Fault-tolerance in commercial space
  • COTS flight processing architectures for commercial space
  • Data products / commercial space assets for rent
  • COTS Ground systems

Workshop Background:

With the advent of faster processors and advanced hardware architectures, the modern spacecraft is highly reliant upon flight software for mission success. Software is integral to most of the spacecraft subsystems ranging from power to propulsion to instrument operations. Additionally, spacecraft developers are moving beyond providing only infrastructure to creating applications that can revolutionize how these vehicles are operated and how data is processed on-board. The Aerospace Corporation, the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Southwest Research Institute, and The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory are the Founding Sponsors of the Flight Software Workshop which was first held in November 2007.


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