FSW 2017:
The 10th-Anniversary Workshop on Spacecraft Flight Software

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
December 4-7, 2017

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory—in conjunction with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, The Aerospace Corporation, and Southwest Research Institute—is hosting the 10th-Anniversary Workshop on Spacecraft Flight Software (FSW-2017) in Laurel, Maryland from December 4th to 7th, 2017. We're looking forward to a great lineup of speakers, with keynote speakers including former NASA Chief Scientist James Garvin and Space Shuttle design engineer Ivy Hooks.


Building 200 E-100 Auditorium
11101 Johns Hopkins Road
Laurel, MD, USA 20723

Workshop Registration

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Important Dates

Presentation Deadline: Friday, November 24th, 2017
Core Flight Software Community Day: Monday, December 4th, 2017 Questions about CFS Community Day?
Flight Software Workshop: December 5-7, 2017


All workshop events are within 5-10 minute' walking distance of The Homewood Suites at 7531 Montpelier Road, Laurel, MD; which has offered a discounted rate for our workshop attendees who book by November 4th. Please note that all applicable daily room rates and service fees are separate. In Maryland, currently the state tax rate is 6% and the hotel occupancy tax rate is 7%. Attendees are solely responsible for any hotel charges and fees.

The Future of Autonomy in Space

FSW 2017 is hosting a panel session on the Future of Autonomy in Space. The success of on-board image processing in the detection of dust devils and clouds on Mars is just the beginning. Intelligent sensing, fault management, planning and execution, testing, robotics, distributed systems, mobile agents, intelligent data, to name a few areas. What is the state of the art? What are the existing limitations? How can we push these boundaries? Please join us as we explore these topics.


There is no fee for attending this workshop, the cost is free. However, attendance will be limited to 120 attendees. Presentations are not necessary to attend the workshop. Presentations are always video-taped and published on this website at a later date. Therefore, presentations MUST NOT contain US Export Controlled information (aka ITAR), and notice of this must be indicated on all presentations. All primary presenters of the selected presentations MUST submit required release forms which will be emailed later.

Since this is the 10th anniversary of the Workshop, we are encouraging couple of presentations regarding progress and challenges in Spacecraft Flight Software over the last 10 years. Cyber security of space assets is becoming important. We are also inviting poster presentations from students on topics below.

Workshop Background

With the advent of faster processors and advanced hardware architectures, the modern spacecraft is highly reliant upon flight software for mission success. Software is integral to most of the spacecraft subsystems ranging from power to propulsion to instrument operations. Additionally, spacecraft developers are moving beyond providing only infrastructure to creating applications that can revolutionize how these vehicles are operated and how data is processed on-board.

This workshop provides an opportunity to present current flight architectures, novel approaches to mission solutions, and techniques for flight software development, integration, test and verification in an informal and open setting that facilitates communication across organizations and agencies. The following is a list of potential subject areas:

* Flight software engineering and testing
* Autonomy
* Model based software development
* Navigation, fault management, and command sequence control
* Onboard communication
* Space network protocols
* Cubesat Flight Software
* Cyber Security for Space
* Onboard data processing
* Instrument Flight Software
* Software modeling, simulation, and testbeds
* Spacecraft software architectures
* Agile software development
* Flight processors and operating systems
* Planning, tasking, and execution
* Commercial Spacecraft Software
* Systems engineering
* Software Verification, and Validation
* Testing Technologies
* Lessons learned

This is a PRESENTATION ONLY workshop. Please note, that abstract and presentation summisions have changed this year. Please carefully review submission procedures below.

Any presentations MUST NOT contain US Export Controlled information (aka ITAR), and notice of this must be indicated on all presentations. All abstracts and presentations must be ready for public release. Registered presenters will receive in email the required release forms that they must review with the legal experts in their organization, sign, and upload prior to the presentation deadline on Friday, November 24th, 2017.

The Aerospace Corporation, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Southwest Research Institute, and The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory are the Founding Sponsors of the Flight Software Workshop. Additional sponsorship opportunities exist for 2017 workshop. Please email inquiries to the organizing committee at spacefsw@gmail.com.


The 2016 Flight Software Workshop was sponsored by following organizations. Please contact the Organizing Committee for additional funding opportunities:


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