FSW 2010 Archive

Beckman Institute at the California Institute of Technology
December 8-10, 2010

The 2010 Workshop on Spacecraft Flight Software (FSW-10) was held on December 8th-10th 2010 and was hosted by the Aerospace Corporation with support from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. The workshop was held at the Beckman Institute at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA.

Audio and slideshow presentations for FSW-10.

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KEYNOTE (Day 1): Software Development for Safety-Related Automotive Systems
Dr. David Ward, MIRA

KEYNOTE (Day 2): Interferometry on the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna
Kirk McKenzie, California Institute of Technology

KEYNOTE (Day 3): The Evolution of the Mars Science Laboratory Flight Software
Benjamin Cichy, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Logic Model Checking of the Delay Tolerant Network's Bundling Protocol
Ed Gamble and Gerard Holzmann, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Model-Based Design Approach for the COTS Guidance, Navigation and Targeting (GN & T) Algorithm and Software Development
Ian Mitchell, Charles Stark Draper Laboratory

Assurance Case Patterns for Flight Software
Alex Ellis & Elisabeth Nguyen, The Aerospace Corporation

Designing Command and Data Handling Subsystems from Software Architectural Design Patterns
Julie Fant, The Aerospace Corporation and George Mason University

Software Defined Fault Tolerance
Matthew McCormack, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Space Systems Laboratory

Faster, Later, Softer: COrDeT, an On-Board Software Reference Architecture for Spacecraft
Andreas Jung & Jean-Loup Terraillon, European Space Agency

On-Board Control Procedures: Autonomous and Updateable Spacecraft Operator Onboard and Beyond
Marek Prochazka, European Space Agency

Is the CMMI of Value for Flight Software?
Dr. Gary Heiligman, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

System Requirements and Architecture for Time and Space Partitioning in Spacecraft Avionics - The Quest To Manage Increasing Complexity
Kjeld Hjortnaes, European Space Agency

A Component-based Framework for Space Flight Software
Guillaume Veran, Thales Alenia Space

Status of the Simics System Simulation Platform
Chad Margolin, Wind River

Software Feedback in Systems Engineering the Lifecycle
Jonathan Dorny, Control Point Corporation

A Simple Virtual FAT File System for Wear-Leveling Onboard NAND and Flash Memory
Robert Klar, et al, South West Research Institute

Accelerating Safety-Critical Software Integration
Ilya Dreytser, Coverity

A DTN Implementation for Fast Applications Deployment
Marc Blanchet, Viagenie

Towards Autonomous Time-Triggered Ethernet
Wilfred Steiner, TTTech

RTEMS 4.10 and Beyond
Joel Sherrill, OAR Corporation

Simple Software for Prototype Hardware: Using LabVIEW to Enable Algorithm Development for a Prototype GLXP Lunar Hopping Vehicle
Christopher Han, et al, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Use of the Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) to Space System Safety and Reliability Assessment
Myron Hecht, et al, The Aerospace Corporation

Safety-critical Partitioned Software Architecture: A Partitioned Software Architecture for Robotic Spacecraft
Greg Horvath, et al, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

STK/SOLISTM Spacecraft Simulation within STKIncorporating STK/ODySSyTM Flight Software
John Cuseo, Analytical Graphics, Inc. and Advanced Solutions, Inc.

How Long Does Flight Software Testing Take?
Dan Houston, The Aerospace Corporation

Testing HW in a Computer Simulated Environment
Joe Dube, et al, Concurrent Computer Corporation

Streamlined Flight Software Design
Steve Stolper, Skybox Imaging, Inc.

Independent Verification and Validation of Large System Architectures
Don Ohi, et al, NASA IV & V Facility

Engineering AEGIS Automated Targeting for the MER rovers
Ben Bornstein, et al, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

ExoMars/Trace Gas Orbiter: Architecting Software Across International Partnerships
Jason LaPointe, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Reactive Sequencing for Autonomous Navigation Evolving from Phoenix Entry, Descent, and Landing
Christopher Grasso, et al, Blue Sun Enterprises, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Characterizing the Performance of SpaceWire on a LEON3FT
Ken Koontz, et al, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

The SmartSSR DTN Router
Alan Mick, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Benefits of Relational Embedded Database against Flat and Binary /files for Embedded Development
Sasan Montaseri, ITTIA

The 2010 Workshop on Spacecraft Flight Software (FSW-10) was sponsored by the following organizations: