FSW 2011 Archive

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
October 19-21, 2011

The 2011 Workshop on Spacecraft Flight Software (FSW-11) was held on October 19th-21st 2011 and was hosted by The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, with support from The Aerospace Corporation, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Southwest Research Institute.

2011 Flight Software Workshop Welcome Address
Steve Parr, JHUAPL

KEYNOTE (Day 1): Flight Software Stress Testing [Video]
Adrian Hill, JHUAPL

KEYNOTE (Day 2): The Development of NASA's Fault Management Handbook [Video]
Dr. Lorraine Fesq, JPL

KEYNOTE (Day 3): Flight Software Challenges in the Next Decade [Video]
Charlie Wildermann, GSFC

An Overview of the NASA/GSFC Core Flight System
Alan Cudmore, GSFC

Application of Low Tier Process to the Robotic Lunar Lander Risk Reduction Activity [Video]
Annette Mirantes, JHUAPL

Cubesat Flight Software Development [Video]
Dan Wilson, JHUAPL

Using Flight Software in a Spacecraft Simulation Tool [Video]
Deborah Clancy, JHUAPL

RBSP Mission Ops Flight Software Simulator -- Saving and Restoring Sessions [Video]
Chris Monaco, JHUAPL

Vendor Talk: STK/SOLIS and STK/ODySSy Flight Software: Supporting the Entire Spacecraft Lifecycle [Video]
John Cuseo, ASI/AGI

Spaceflight Software Architecture Analysis Techniques [Video]
Jim Dabney, L3 Communications

RBSP Flight Software Requirements Verification: Independent Acceptance Test Process [Video]
Kristin Wortman, JHUAPL

Off the Shelf Testbeds for the Robotic Lunar Lander Risk Reduction Effort [Video]
Robert Davis, JHUAPL

Porting AMS from VxWorks to RTEMS Using The GSFC Operating System Abstraction Layer [Video]
David Edell, JHUAPL

Logic Model Checking of Unintended Acceleration Claims in the 2005 Toyota Camry Electronic Throttle Control System [Video]
Ed Gamble, JPL

VML 3.0 Reactiving Sequencing Objects and Matrix Math Operations For Attitude Profiling [Video]
Dr. Chris Grasso, Blue Sun Enterprises

Reddo - A Model Driven Engineering Toolset for Embedded Software Development [Video]
Steven Doran, Northrup Grumman

The Hubble Space Telescope Advanced Camera for Surveys Repair -- Integrating Commercial Products in the Flight Software Environment [Video]
Kelly Dye, GSFC

APL's Reuseable Flight Software Architecture and the Infusion of New Technology [Video]
Steve Parr, JHUAPL

Core Software Architecture for Memory Protection [Video]
Chris Monaco, JHUAPL

A Reference Software Architecture for Reuseable Space Data Processing Systems [Video]
Richard Hunt, Sandia National Laboratory

Integration of a Flash File System with VxWorks and RTEMS [Video]
Robert Klar, SWRI

Vendor Talk: Verification and Validation of Open Source Software [Video]
Gordon Uchenick, Coverity

Vendor Talk: Reducing Product Development Risks With Full System Simulation [Video]
Roch Kallmyer, Wind River Systems

Vendor Talk: RTEMS Development Roadmap [Video]
Joel Sherill, OAR Corporation

Vendor Talk: Tracing Data Flows to Find Concurrency Errors [Video]
Ben Ylvisaker, Grammatech

POSIX Device Driver Approach Applied to Real-Time Flight Software and Closed-Loop Vehicle Simulation Environments [Video]
Douglas Forman, NASA Ames

A General Purpose Telemetry Monitor for the Hubble Space Telescope -- Repurposing an Existing Design [Video]
C. P. Hoffman, GSFC

Model Based Flight Software Design -- MBSS Flight Software Pathfinder [Video]
Claire Hopkins, Lockheed Martin

Automated Generation of Failure Modes and Effects Analyses from AADL Models [Video]
Alexander Lam, Aerospace

Automated Test Generation of Flight Software [Video]
Dharmalingam Ganesan, Fraunhofer Research

Design Exploration for Spacecraft Flight Software [Video]
Dr. Chris Landauer, Aerospace

Lossless Data Compression as a Spacecraft Service [Video]
Mark Reid, JHUAPL

Design and Prototype of Spacewire Spacecraft Bus for Solar Probe Plus [Video]
Alan Mick, JHUAPL

Discrete Event Simulation for Solar Probe Plus Spacewire Transaction Scheduling [Video]
Hanne Paine, JHUAPL

Software Development of the SmartSSR DTN Router [Video]
David Edell, JHUAPL

Real-Time Hardware In The Loop Simulator "Testbed Toolkit" [Video]

Next-Generation Distributed Satellite Bus Information Systems [Video]
Dr. Larry Miller, Aerospace

Statistical Orbital Error Calculation Based on Sensitivity Analysis [Video]
Sanghyuk Park, Korea Aerospace Research Institute

The 2011 Workshop on Spacecraft Flight Software (FSW-11) was sponsored by the following organizations: