FSW 2012 Archive

The Southwest Research Institute
November 7-9, 2012

The 2012 Workshop on Spacecraft Flight Software (FSW-12) was held on November 7-9, 2012 and was hosted by the Southwest Research Institute with support from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Aerospace Corporation, and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

KEYNOTE (Day 1): Magnetic Explosions in Space [Video]
Dr. Jim Burch, Southwest Research Institute

KEYNOTE (Day 2): The Future of NASA and the Commercial Crew Program [Video]
Justin Kerr, NASA Johnson Space Center

KEYNOTE (Day 3): Curiosity's FSW Architecture: A Platform for Mobility and Science [Video]
Dr. Kathryn Weiss, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

UML State Chart Autocoding for the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Mission [Video]
Eddie Benowitz, JPL

Cyber Attacks: An Emerging Threat to Satellites [Video]
Paul Wood, Southwest Research Institute

Multi-Core Processing in Flight Software [Video]
David Edell, JHUAPL

Communications Infrastructure for Fractionated Spacecraft [Video]
Mike Koets, Southwest Research Institute

NASA's Software Architecture Review Board's (SARB) Findings from the Review of GSFC's "core Flight Executive/Core Flight Software" (cFE/CFS) [Video]
Dave McComas, NASA GSFC (Presentation created by Dr. Lorraine Fesq)

Development and Test Techniques for Large Scale Spacecraft Projects [Video]
Jay Thomas (LDRA) and Trevor Tidwell (USA)

Architectural Time-predictability Factor (ATF) to Measure Architectural Time Predictability [Video]
Wei Zhang, VCU

Current and Next Generation LEON System on Chip (SOC) Architectures for Space [Video]
Jan Andersson, Aeroflex Gaisler

Software Visualization for System-of-Systems [Video]
Michael McDougall, Grammatech

Ensuring Schedulability of Spacecraft Flight Software [Video]
Marek Prochazka and Jorge Lopez Trescastro, ESA

Testing SW/HW Interfaces with Simulated Systems [Video]
Steven Seeger, MPL

Effectively and Efficiently Improved Operational Capability of Spacecraft Processing Unit STEs [Video]
Anthony Vescovi, Lockheed Martin

Infusing Next-Generation Fault Management Software on Solar Probe Plus [Video]
Justin Thomas, JHUAPL

Striving for Reuse in Independent Requirement Verification of Command and Data Handling Flight Software [Video]
Kristin Wortman, JHUAPL

COTS Integration and Debugging Challenges - RBSP Lessons Learned [Video]
Joseph Hennawy, JHUAPL

Use of a Simple EEPROM File System on RBSP [Video]
Mark Reid, JHUAPL

Vendor Talk: Aeroflex [Video]

IV & V of Auto-Generated Code for the Mars Science Laboratory [Video]
Jacob Cox, TASC

Challenges and Opportunities of Performing IV & V on an En Route Project (MSL) [Video]
Jeremy Fienhold, MSIS

RTEMS Status and Roadmap [Video]
Joel Sherrill, OAR Corporation

Integrating A Flash File System into the RTEMS Operating System [Video]
Alan Mick, JHUAPL

Flight Systems are Cyber-Physical Systems [Video]
Christopher Landauer, Aerospace

FPGA-Based, Hardware-in-the-Loop Embedded Systems for Testing and Rapid Prototyping [Video]
Martin Panevsky, Aerospace

Software Architecture Evaluation [Video]
Alan Unell, Ph. D., Aerospace

OPNET Modeling of Plug and Play Spacecraft Networks [Video]
Carlos Quiroz, Southwest Research Institute

Assurance cases and the Test Design IV & V [Video]
Khalid Lateef, TASC

NASA/GSFC's Flight Software Core Flight System [Video]
Dave McComas, NASA GSFC

Responsive Flight Software Development & Verification Techniques for Small Satellites [Video]
Darren Rowen, Aerospace

Continuous Integration of Embedded Flight Software [Video]
Eddie Weigle, Southwest Research Institute

Test Scheduling Based on Rework Cycles [Video]
Daniel Houston, Ph.D., Aerospace

Booting without PROMs [Video]
Jerry Needell, UNH

Process Improvement for Defect Removal for MSL [Video]
Amalaye Oyake, JPL

Configuration Testing of Flight Software [Video]
Charles Song, Ph.D., Fraunhofer USA CESE

Model Comparison for Fault and Attack Detection [Video]
Christopher Landauer, Aerospace

"Better?" Bulk Transfer Alternatives to CFDP [Video]
Scott Miller, Southwest Research Institute

Using SysML to Support Software FMEA [Video]
Phillip Schmidt, Aerospace

The 2012 Workshop on Spacecraft Flight Software was sponsored by the following organizations: