FSW 2013 Archive

Beckman Institute at the California Institute of Technology
December 10-12, 2013

The 2013 Workshop on Spacecraft Flight Software (FSW-13) was held on December 10-12, 2013 at the Beckman Institute at the California Insitute of Technology, with support from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Aerospace Corporation, and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

Day 1

Welcome · [Video]
Amalaye Oyake, NASA JPL.

KEYNOTE (Day 1) ·
Dr. Gerard Holzmann, NASA JPL.

LADEE Flight Software: Models to Flight · [Video]
Dr. Karen Gundy-Burlet, NASA AMES.

AT6981 — A High Performance Processor for Space Applications · [Video]
Dr. Steve Parkes, Guy Mantelet, Chris McClement, Nicolas Ganry, Star Dundee.

Managing data for Curiosity, fun and profit · [Video]
Rajiv Joshi, NASA JPL.

Estimating Flight CPU Utilization of Algorithms in a Desktop Environment using Xprof · [Video]
Dr. Matt Wette, NASA JPL.

Coping with Flexibility Requirements in ASTRO APS Star Tracker Software · [Video]
Ingolf Steinbach, Jena-Optronik GmbH.

Spacecraft Flight Software Design Patterns Discovery · [Video]
Michael Phillips, Amy Mok, Lockheed Martin.

Implementing Onboard Data Compression for the Van Allen Probes · [Video]
Mark Reid, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

NMotion: A Continuous Integration System for NASA Software · [Video]
Scott Zemerick, NASA IV&V Facility.

SpaceFibre: Multi-Gbits/s Network for Spaceflight Applications · [Video]
Dr. Steve Parkes, Star Dundee.

SpaceWire EGSE Real Time Emulation of SpaceWire Instruments in a Day · [Video]
Dr. Steve Parks, Star Dundee.

Day 2

KEYNOTE, Day 2. · [Video]
Dr. Kathryn Weiss, NASA JPL.

Modern Source Code Analysis At the Desktop (Klocwork) · [Video]
Jessica Jaclin, Klocwork.

An Application Development and Deployment Platform for Satellite Clusters · [Video]
Daniel Balasubramanian, William Emfinger, Pranav Kumar, William Otte, Abhishek Dubey, Gabor Karsai, Vanderbilt University.

The Last Cathedral - Democratizing Flight Software in the 21st Century (Linux in Space Talk) · [Video]
Kevin Sharpf, The PTR Group.

Instrument Software Framework (ISF): A Small Scale Component Framework for Space (C++ in Space Talk) · [Video]
Timothy Canham, NASA JPL.

Interface - Implementation Contract Checking: A Case Study · [Video] · [Q&A]
Dr. Dharmalingam, Ganesan Fraunhofer CESE.

RITES: A Domain Specific Language for Precise Scheduling of Software Execution · [Video]
Michael Koets, South West Research Institute.

Advantages of Deterministic Ethernet for Space Applications · [Video]
Kurt Doppelbauer, TTTech.

RTEMS Scheduling and SMP · [Video]
Dr. Joel Sherrill, OAR Corporation.

Code Awareness Assistant · [Video]
Dr. Michael McDougall, Grammatech.

Applying The Test Like You Fly Process to Flight Software Testing · [Video]
Dr. Julia White, Aerospace Corporation.

Investigating Model Based Autonomy for Solar Probe Plus · [Video]
William Van Besien, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.

Day 3

Dr. James Gosling, Liquid Robotics.

Flight Software Through the Looking Glass · [Video]
Scott Burleigh, NASA JPL.

Next Generation Flight Computing A Joint Investment of NASA and AFRL · [Video]
Dr. Richard Doyle, NASA JPL.

Developing RTEMS SMP for LEON3/LEON4 Multi-Processor Devices · [Video]
Daniel Hellstrom, Aeroflex Gaisler.

Integration and Debugging of FPGA-Based Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Systems · [Video]
Dr. Martin Panevsky, Aerospace Corporation.

Overview of the SMAP Science Data Manager · [Video]
Eddie Benowitz, NASA JPL.

A Service-based Architecture for Automated Guidance, Navigation and Control Flight Software · [Video]
Brendan O’Connor, Allen Brown, Kevin Gordon, Jason Schmidt, and Rafael de la Torre, Emergent Space Technologies.

EDAC Concerns for Flight Software and Hardware Design · [Video]
Craig Pires, NASA AMES.

CristalCave: A Verification And Code Generation Toolchain For Critical Systems · [Video]
Temesghen Kahsai, NASA AMES.

SPOT: A Programming Language for Practical Verification of Flight Software · [Video]
Ed Gamble, NASA JPL.

Fully Utilizing a High-Speed Lunar Laser Communication Downlink in LADEE FSW · [Video]
Craig Pires, Scott Christa, Douglas Forman, NASA AMES.

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