FSW 2014 Archive

Beckman Institute at the California Institute of Technology
December 16-18, 2014

The 2014 Workshop on Spacecraft Flight Software (FSW-14) was held on December 16-18, 2014 at the Beckman Institute at the California Insitute of Technology, with support from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Aerospace Corporation, and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Please see the workshop agenda and presentations below.


Day 1

Welcome · [Video]
Dr. Malina Hills, Aerospace Corp

KEYNOTE (Day 1): Living Flight Software · [Video]
David Smyth, Millennium Space Systems, Inc.

What's the fuzz about testing? · [Video]
Dr. Gerard Holzmann, NASA JPL.

The Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System CYGNSS Mission · [Video]
Scott Miller, Robert Klar - Southwest Research Institute

Developing NASA's Fault Management Guidebook · [Video]
Dr. Lorraine Fesq, NASA JPL.

Overview on CCSDS SOIS and Eletronic Data Sheets · [Video]
Felice Torelli, European Space Agency.

Common Flight Software Architecture Panel · [Video]
Michael Phillips - Lockheed Martin Inc.
Dr. Kathryn Weiss - NASA JPL
David McComas - NASA GSFC
Mark Reid - JHU/APL

ICON End To End Operations Philosophy · [Video]
William Marchant, UCB/SSL

Infrastructure and Process Improvements After LADEE · [Video]
Dr. Karen Gundy-Burlet, NASA Ames

Introduction to Intel(R) IoT Developer Kit · [Video]
Ajay Mungara, Intel

Development of Hands-on Introductory Planetary Defense Course · [Video]
Jason Stout, The Aerospace Corp

Formal Modeling for Verifiable, Efficient FDIR · [Video]
Meredith Beveridge Lecocke, Southwest Research Institute

A Continuous Integration System for GSFC cFE/cFS · [Video]
Scott Zemerick, NASA IV&V

Software Centric Fault-Tolerance · [Video]
Boris Lipchin, MIT

Day 2

The ISRO Mars Orbiter Mission · [Video]
Subramanya Udupa, ISRO

Model Based Testing of Software Bus · [Video]
Dr. Dharmalingam Ganesan, University of Maryland

SSR Data Organization Software · [Video]
Mike Koets, Southwest Research Institute

Journey to the core: Core Flight Executive at Lockheed Martin · [Video]
Matt Dean, Michael Phillips, Lockheed Martin

Implementing SpaceWire-D in RTEMS for AT6981 Processor · [Video]
Stuart Mills, Star-Dundee

Product Line Issues Tracking · [Video]
Kenneth Peters, NASA JPL

Challenges of Model-Based Engineering for Spaceflight Software Systems · [Video]
Dr. Rob Pettit, The Aerospace Corp. (Presented by Dr. Alan Unell, The Aerospace Corp)

RTEMS Project Ecosystem · [Video]
Dr. Joel Sherrill, OAR Corp

Polyspace Static Analysis Tools · Presentation and Video unavailable for public release
Matt Rhodes, Mathworks

A Complete High-Integrity Software Development Stack · [Video]
Tucker Taft, AdaCore

CodeSonar Static Analysis of RTEMS · [Video]
Curtis Bragdon, Vince Hopson, GrammaTech, Dr. Joel Sherrill, OAR Corp

Spacecraft Architecture Based on Deterministic Ethernet · [Video]
Mirko Jakovljevic, TTTech

Klocwork: Source code analysis for Quality, Safety and Security · [Video]
Igor Gvero, Rougewave

RTEMS SMP Features · [Video]
Dr. Joel Sherrill, OAR Corp

Day 3

Mars Orbiter Mission AOCC Software · [Video]
Sudhakar Subramanian, ISRO

Back to Basics: Flightsoftware in 8 Kilobytes · [Video]
Joshua Schoolcraft, NASA JPL

Flight Software Telemetry · [Video]
Dr. Christopher Landauer, The Aerospace Corp

FDIR in ASTRO APS Star Tracker · [Video]
Ingolf Steinbach, Jena-Optronik GmbH

Overview of the SMAP Science Data Manager · [Video]
Eddie Bennowitz, Chris Swan, NASA JPL

Flight Software Development A Manager's Perspective · [Video]
Robyn Haleski, The Aerospace Corp

SpaceDrone: Bringing Spacecraft Flight Software Closer to Earth · [Video]
Nathaniel Parsons, JHU/APL (Presented by Subodh Harmalkar, JHU/APL)

Design Considerations in Implanted Medical Devices · [Video]
Dr. Douglas Kerns, Sigenics

Safe Testing of Autonomy in Complex, Interactive Environments · [Video]
Subodh Harmalkar, JHU/APL

MiRaTA 3U CubeSat FSW Architecture · [Video]
Andrew Kennedy, MIT

Integrating Payload Data Interfaces with LADEE Flight and Ground Software · [Video]
Douglas Forman, NASA/MEI

LADEE Multi-Domain Simulation · [Video]
Danilo Viazzo, NASA/MEI

Spacecraft Simulation for Mission Ops - LADEE · [Video]
Nathaniel Benz, NASA/MEI

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