FSW 2017 Archive
The 10 Year Anniversary Workshop on Spacecraft Flight Software

The Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory
December 3, 2017 - CFS Community Day
December 4-6, 2017 - Flight Software Workshop

The 10 Year anniversary 2017 Workshop on Spacecraft Flight Software (FSW-17) was held on December 4-7, 2017 at the Building 200 E-100 Auditorium, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, 11101 Johns Hopkins Road, Laurel, MD 20723.

All released presentations are below. Videos are posted below.

Day 1

Welcome · [Video]
Subodh Harmalkar, JHUAPL

Keynote-1 · [Video]
Gordon Roesler, DARPA, USA

Autonomous On Board Mission Planning · [Video]
Garcia Franchi, Comisi'on Nacional de Actividades Espaciales, Argentina

Autonomy Panel · [Video]
Adrian Hill - Moderator, Alice Bowman, Dr. Lorraine Fesq, Ronnie Killough, Bruce Savadkin

Autonomy Requiements Tester · [Video]
Ayman Qaddumi, S&K Global Solutions, LLC

No Man's Land · [Video]
Ronnie Killough, Southwest Research Institute

CubedOS Architectures and Design · [Video]
Carl Brandon, Vermont Technical College

Integrating support for micrkernel security for CubeSats into CFS · [Video]
Jeff Brandon, MIT

Porting the Core Flight System to the Dellingr Cubesat · [Video]
Alan Cudmore, NASA GSFC

A Cubesat-based Alternative for the Juno Mission to Jupiter · [Video]
Patrick Stakem, JHU

Operator Sanity via Automation · [Video]
Nate Parsons, Planet

DTN Bundle Protocol on the IETF Standards Track · [Video]
Scott Burleigh, JPL CalTech

Lockheed Martin Planetary FSW Product Line and CFS · [Video]
Matt Goman, Lockheed Martin

Day 2

Keynote-2 Dr. James Garvin · [Video]
Dr. James Garvin, NASA GSFC

Model Based Flight Software Development · [Video]
Chris Landauer, The Aerospace Corp

CAE-SCRUB for Incorporating Static Analysis into Peer Reviews · [Video]
Lyle Barner, JPL CalTech

A Requirements Case Study of JUNO-JADE and SO-HIS · [Video]
Chad Loeffler, Southwest Research Institute

Electronic Data Sheets at ESA: Current Status and Roadmap · [Video]
Marek Prochazka, European Space Agency/ESTEC

Integrating CCSDS Electronic Data Sheets into Flight Software · [Video]
Jonathan Wilmot, NASA GSFC

Flight Software Metric Assessments · [Video]
Michael Aguilar, NASA GSFC

BlackLion: a Software Simulator for Heterogeneous Spaceflight & Mission Components · [Video]
Mar Cols-Margenet, CU Boulder

Autonomous Vehicles: Commonalities in state of the art Cars and Spacecrafts · [Video]
Christian Fidi, TTTech

Challenges of On-Orbit Integration And Test · [Video]
Brian Engelkemier, Northrop Grumman Mission Systems

G&C, Glue, and 42 · [Video]
Mark Suder, TMC Tech, NASA IV&V

Striving for DevOps on a Large Flight Mission · [Video]
Joe-Paul Swinksi, NASA GSFC

RTEMS Status And Roadmap · [Video]
Joel Sherrill, OAR Corp

SpaceWire DB Analysis Tool · [Video]
David Edell, JHU-APL

Levels of Software Assurance in SPARK · [Video]
Steve Baird, AdaCore

Real-Time & Linux · [Video]
Bill Kahn, Concurrent-RT

MAX Flight Software and STK SOLIS · [Video]
Jonathan Lowe, AGI

Model-Based Design · [Video]
Ossi Saarela, Mathworks

Day 3

Keynote-3 · [Video]
Ivy Hooks

Cobham Gaisler · [Video]
Daniel Hellstrom, Cobham HiRel

Porting cFE to spacecraft onboard with SpaceWire Engine and RTOS based on uITRON specification · [Video]
Mitsutaka Takda, Nagoya University

Application of CFS to a Lunar Rover: Resource Prospector (RP) · [Video]
Howard Cannon, NASA AMES

Real-Time DO 178C DAL A OS for Safety-Critical Multicore Avionics Systems (ARINC 653 and RTEMS POSIX APIs) · [Video]
Theresa Rickman, DDC-I

Open-Source RTOS Space Qualification: an RTEMS Case Study · [Video]
Scott Zemerick, TMC Tech, NASA IV&V

Performance Analysis of Standalone and In-FPGA LEON3 Processors · [Video]
Dmitriy Bekker, JHU-APL


A cFE/CFS Community Workshop was held on December 4, 2017. The presentations and videos are below:

cFS Workshop Introduction · [Video]
David McComas, NASA GSFC

Product Management · [Video]
David McComas, NASA GSFC

cFE Release 6.6.0 · [Video]
Joe Hickey, NASA Glenn

cFS Systems Technology Roadmap · [Video]
Jonathan Wilmot, NASA GSFC

NASA AES CFS Project Status · [Video]
Lorraine Prokop, NASA JSC

Platform Technology Roadmap · [Video]
Alan Cudmore, NASA GSFC

Preliminary Investigations into a Microkernel OSAL for cFS · [Video]
Gabriel Parmer, GWU

Flight RTEMS OSAL with Runtime Loader Support and other enhancements[Video]
Kevin Gordon, Odyssey Space Research

cFS on Unique Missions and Experiments · [Video]
David Akre, Lockheed Martin

Study of Tools for Comand and Telemetry directories · [Video]
Craig Pires, NASA Ames

cFS Command and Data Dictionary Utility · [Video]
Kevin McCluney, NASA JSC

cMAKE · [Video]
Joe Hickey, NASA Glenn

CFDP for COSMOS in pure Ruby · [Video]
Edipo Crispim, Visiona, Brazil

Simulink Interface Layer Overview and Future ·[Video]
Steve Lentine, Chesapeake Aerospace

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