FSW 2018 Archive

Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas
December 3-6, 2018

Southwest Research Institute in conjunction with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, The Aerospace Corporation, and The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, hosted the 11th Annual Workshop on Spacecraft Flight Software (FSW-2018) in San Antonio, Texas from December 3rd to 6th 2018.

All released presentations and videos are below.

Day 1

Welcome · [Video]
Ronnie Killough

cFS Introduction · cFS Program Management · [Video]
David McComas

AES CFS Project Summary · [Video]
Tam Ngo

cFS On Orion · [Video]
Lorraine Prokop

Autonomous Systems Operation · [Video]
Chris Knight

cFS Platforms · [Video]
Alan Cudmore

GSFC Product Status · [Video]
Elizabeth Timmons

SIL, ECL, and CCDD · [Video]
Steve Lentine

CCDD on AA2 · [Video]
Robert Hirsh

Habulous · [Video]
Robert Hirsh

Welcome To Workshop · [Video]
Ronnie Killough

SwRI Flight Software · [Video]
Jim Burch

Logistics and Thanks to our Sponsors · [Video]
Ronnie Killough

Cubesat vs. Science Instrument Complexity · [Video]
Chad Loeffler

Platform Technology Update · [Video]
Alan Cudmore

CCSDS Electronic Data Sheets · [Video]
Jonathan Wilmot

Lessons Learned CFS on Linux RTEMS · [Video]
Allen Brown, Thadeus Fleming

Instrumentation In Flight Software Systems · [Video]
Raymond Caperoon

Integrating CFS With High Heritage Software · [Video]
Eileen Liu

NASA Operational Simulator for Small Satellites · [Video]
Mark Suder

Day 2

History of Soutwest Research Institute · [Video]
Joseph Fohn

Autonomous SpaceOps · [Video]
Alec Forsman

Bringing CFS To The Drone Universe · [Video]
Casey Nalley

Activity Sequences · [Video]
Greg Dunn

Modeling Requirements of Autonomous System · [Video]
Gudjon Magnusson

Single Event Upset Simulation · [Video]
Carlos Beltran

Fault Tolerant Technology · [Video]
Roger Smith

Code Configuration Convergence · [Video]
Michael Aguilar

CCDD Demonstration · [Video]
Daniel Davila

Deep Neural Networks For Onboard Intelligence · [Video]
Daniel Davila

JUNO UVS Data Processing · [Video]
Paul Hoeper

Utilizing SDSoc To Port CNN To Space Grade FPGA · [Video]
Josh Anderson

Multicore ARM For Safety Critical Avionics · [Video]
Gary Gilliland

ROSpace A Mission Simulator For CleanSpace One And Beyond · [Video]
Christian Paccolat

Security Considerations For Small Satellites · [Video]
Paul Wood

Day 3

Keynote - The Right Stuff: Era of Commercial Space · [Presentation and Video Not available]
Eric Stallmer

Firefly Alpha Flight Software Development Experience · [Video]
Tom Markusic, Kevin Gordon

Gathering Spectra On Mars · [Video]
John Michel

LLVM Compiler for the LEON3/4 fault tolerant processors · [Video]
Daniel Hellstrom

Unraveling Real-Time · [Video]
Chris Landauer

Corroding Space · [Video]
Ryan Plauche

Rust for Flight Software · [Video]
Chris Rabotin

Maximizing CCSDS Protocol Performance · [Video]
William Van-Besien

A case for Bundle Protocol · [Video]
Jonathan Wilmot

PUS and It's Use in ESA Missions · [Video]
Marek Prochazka

Study and Implementation of SBN with Spacewire · [Video]
Takada Mitsutaka

CADU and CLTU protocols on COSMOS · [Video]
Nickollas Aranha

RTEMS Status And Roadmap · [Video]
Joel Sherrill

Machine Learning for Space: Are we ready? · [Video]
Ossi Sarella

Provably Safe Pointers for a Parallel World · [Video]
Steve Baird

NASA MSFC Will Host 2019 · [Video Not Available]
Scott Akridge

Give Away of Books · [Video Not Available]
Joel Sherrill


Keynote - Planet Labs · [Presentation and Video Not available]
Steve Burt

DevOps for Planetary Defense Flight Software · [Video]
Justin Thomas, JHUAPL

Updates on the software development environment for the new GR716 LEON3FT microcontroller · [Video]
Andreas Larsson

Architecture Driven IV&V Planning · [Video]
James Dabney

PS G&C, Glue and 42 - Independent Dynamics for Independent Testing - Results: One Year Later · [Video]
Mark Suder

Using Test Driven Approach for Space Mission FSW · [Video]
Robert Klar

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